Medicina/Tecnologia e Intervenção em Cardiologia

First Registration

After approval in the selection process, the candidate must make the first enrollment in Graduate Studies as a regular student, in the Graduate Department, within the period defined in the selection notice.

This occurrence must be carried out by the candidate himself or by his attorney.


The post-graduate legislation is found in the USP-IDPC Program Regulations on the website Substitute and in the USP Post-Graduate Regulations on the website

After enrolling at the IDPC Postgraduate Office (SPG), this will register the student in the Janus system, having access to the student’s user code (USP number). This number will be your identity at the University of São Paulo.

After obtaining the USP number, the student must provide the following:


Through the site _ click on restricted access _ first access _ enter your USP number _ repeat the characters (table) _ request a password.

Note: The password will be forwarded to the email informed in the registration form.


It is mandatory, and all messages sent to the student will be forwarded through this institutional email. To do this, access the site Enter the system, use the USP number and the password registered in the Janus system. After creating the e-mail, inform it to the IDPC Graduate Secretariat,


The student must request it after having the USP number, through the site _ click on USP card _ attach a scanned photo. The student will be notified by email when the card is available at IDPC’s SPG.

On the website, the student can follow his “academic life”, in the “student’s file”, which includes: concepts and frequency in the courses taken; number of completed credits; deadlines for registration and completion of the Qualification Exam (EQ); deadline for depositing the Thesis, etc. Check your “student record” frequently.

Enrollment must be carried out by the student every six months, through the site, which may be in Discipline(s) or under monitoring.

The request for cancellation of enrollment in Discipline must be requested by the student through the Janus System, with the agreement of the Advisor on the site, according to deadlines defined by CPG.

The foreign student must renew the National Registry of Foreigners (RNE) within the deadlines determined by the Federal Police and deliver a copy of the protocol to the SPG, at each renewal, as the same cannot be enrolled, nor remain in the country without having a regular visa.

We emphasize that the non-length of any postgraduate period may result in the student being automatically disconnected, as provided in Article 54 of the USP Graduate Regulations.

The forms: for requesting the use of credits taken as a special student or obtained outside USP or for changing supervisors and others, are found here, which should, if pertinent, be used during the PhD course.

Documents such as: declaration of enrollment and “student record” can be obtained through the Janus System or requested at the Graduate Office by e-mail:

E-mails are not legally considered documentary evidence. Contact the SPG to regularize your documents, make decisions official, meeting the necessary purposes.