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Special student

After making the payment, send the receipt to the Graduate Secretariat for registration purposes by e-mail: or

Special students are those enrolled only in disciplines not linked to any Postgraduate Program at USP, either because they are enrolled in other educational institutions, or because they are inserted in the professional work.

Enrollment in Discipline must take place within the period defined by USP or by the IDPC Graduate Office before classes begin.

The documents required for enrollment as a special student are:

  • copy of the graduation diploma, front and back;
  • copy of the undergraduate school record;
  • copy of identity card (for foreigners, copy of passport and RNE);
  • copy of the CPF;
  • form to contact the Postgraduate Department.

The documents must be delivered in person or by an attorney, to the IDPC Graduate Office.

The registration fee is R$190.80 (each subject).

Note: in the event that the special student joins as a regular student, at the discretion of the advisor, credits may be used in subjects taken as a special student in the 36 months prior to the initial enrollment date as a regular student.