Medicina/Tecnologia e Intervenção em Cardiologia


Postgraduate Program USP-IDPC: Medicine / Technology and Intervention in Cardiology - 98131

The Instituto Dante Pazzanese de Cardiologia (IDPC), associated entity of the University of São Paulo (USP) (DOE 12/20/1991) offers a PhD course within the USP-IDPC Postgraduate Program in Medicine / Technology and Intervention in Cardiology, which started its activities on April 16, 2007 and has a score of 5 in the last CAPES Assessment (Quadrennium 2013-2016). In addition to this, another Postgraduate Program USP-IDPC (Professional Master’s Degree – MSc) was created in 2016, whose characteristics are found later on this website.

The PhD is an academic instrument of Science and Technology for development and social well-being. In order to adequately meet these precepts, the Course draws on the experience, achievements and innovative and pioneering milestones of IDPC, in these more than 50 years of medical activity: assistance; teaching (Medical Residency since 1959, with the training of more than 1500 specialists) and research (89 Doctoral theses defended in the medical field and related areas, among them 71 defended at the University of São Paulo, from 1996 to 2005, with FMUSP. The aims of this USP-IDPC Program are: Train physicians with specialization in Cardiovascular and Bioengineers, Physicists, Mathematicians, Technologists, Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematics, in addition to Pharmacy-Biochemistry, Biology or Biomedicine with proven scientific initiation in that area, to generate knowledge, technology and teaching skills highly qualified, in order to respond to the demand for highly knowledgeable professionals in these fields of knowledge; this demand is evident both in specialization and MSc courses, as well as in university / academic policies and governmental institutions related to public health.This qualification is distinguished from that of specialization (which is a prerequisite), by the depth and refinement of the wealth of information, both theoretical and practical, taking the form of a qualification for the search for innovative and creative answers, applied to understanding , the promotion and recovery of cardiovascular health. Therefore, the requirement of this course exceeds that of the specialization or MSc degree, with regard to both teaching competence and student performance, with a strong commitment related to the new lines of research.The Course thus trains scientists with high qualifications to investigate the etiopathogenic and pathophysiological mechanisms of diseases of the circulatory system and a profound mastery of technological concepts, so that, from this understanding, they generate knowledge (clinical and technological research), which favor the development of methods cardiovascular diagnostics, equipment and instruments for effective, safe and cost-effective interventional treatments (science and technology).To this end, the PhD Course USP-IDPC consists of a series of programmed, advanced and individualized activities, all of which are accompanied by an Advisor. This system of training and intellectual production, in this area of ​​knowledge, also aims at the integration of knowledge in its different aspects.Titled, therefore, these senior scientists / researchers will be equally qualified for the advanced dissemination of knowledge, by teaching at the postgraduate level, thus transferring the acquired and generated qualification, with the aim of multiplying investigations and lines of research in the Institution itself and outside it, in our country and abroad.